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  • Full Clinic Assessment

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  • Full Website Development

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We are a new clinic and they have worked with us in person which is a great benefit as we are starting from scratch.

They are hands on and know every piece of the puzzle.

We truly feel they are part of our internal team and have improved every piece of our practice.

~ Dr. S.P., Psychiatrist
I have worked with Practice RP in several clinics spanning over 5 years. Their team are true TMS experts, and have been in the industry since the early days of TMS. They have seen the growth of the industry and have learned all the tricks along the way. They are an indispensable resource!!
~ Dr. Tina Allee., Psychiatrist
Practice RP is currently helping us building our practice from the ground up and we cannot be more happy. There are so man subtleties when it comes to a new practice, then have been invaluable. 
~ Dr. V.R., Psychiatrist

We have expertise with all major TMS Devices

Practice RP

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